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Moving can be a Family Matter

Here, Marcel from Globalforce Resource, shares his personal experience of relocating as a child. This blog is an essential read for Applicants considering relocation with their family to a position overseas. Let me introduce myself. My name is Marcel Moraru,…Continue Reading →


Walking the walk

Canadian Operations Manager, Patrick McGrath, writes about his personal experience of relocating to Calgary, Canada, to open up the Globalforce Resource office there. Like all big life changes, it wasn’t all plain sailing but a year later Patrick is personally…Continue Reading →

How to be a Skype Interview Superhero


INTRODUCTION: Skype interviews can be daunting and unpredictable – especially when you’re out of your comfort zone, stressed about dodgy internet connections and unsure about “video etiquette”. However, more and more overseas employers in mechanical trades are no longer travelling…Continue Reading →