How to be a Skype Interview Superhero


Skype interviews can be daunting and unpredictable – especially when you’re out of your comfort zone, stressed about dodgy internet connections and unsure about “video etiquette”. However, more and more explosion-clipart-yjixKx5cEoverseas employers in mechanical trades are no longer travelling long distances and are choosing Skype interviewing instead! Like any interview, this method can run smoothly with the right preparation. Check out the following tips to become a Skype Interview Superhero!

1. Practice makes perfect

First of all, make sure you are using the latest version of Skype to ensure the best quality. Test your Skype that day to check that it’s working, and practise with a family member that week so you become familiar with the method!

2. Look the part..

First impressions are important – even in a Skype interview! What’s the appropriate dress code for your interview? Anything that makes you look professional and groomed, a suit and tie being the most popular attire. You might be tempted to only wear professional clothing on your top half – don’t do this! You can’t predict the interview and you might have to stand up because of a technical issue.

3. Set the scene..

Prepare to do your skype interview in a quiet, business like setting and make sure your background is uncluttered, neat and tidy. Make sure you have appropriate lighting – you don’t want to greet your potential employer in the dark! Prepare in advance for interruptions – notify those who you share a house with that you have an all-important interview!

4. Deal with technical blips professionally

There are a few preparations you can make to minimize your chances of a technical blip:

  • Test your internet                                                                
  • Check your sound inputs and outputs
  • Do a test chat
  • If you’re using a laptop, make sure you have battery and plug in the charger!

However, if something does go wrong technically, deal with it calmly and professionally. Experts suggest any technical errors should be initially pulled by the horns by addressing the problem and suggesting a quick call back.

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