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We are fully licensed and bonded, internationally reputed mechanical trades recruitment specialist that has focused on this area since our foundation in 2002.  We uniquely serve the needs of the Automotive, Truck & Bus, and Heavy Equipment Industry at local and international levels in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland and the United Kingdom (UK) and other countries. We recruit for all levels of service within the industry including: Managerial, Supervisory & Trade positions.

GlobalForce Mechanical Trades Recruitment Team

Our key asset is our global database of potential candidates providing you with access to candidates that are notoriously difficult to find.  These contacts are comprised of people who have interviewed with us, those who have contacted us in the past and those job titles that we research and target as part of an ongoing outbound campaign.

Our proven track record is evidenced by our high calibre clients including: BMW, Caterpillar, DAF, Ford, MAN, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Scania &  Volvo amongst others.

Our success is derived from our integrated digital marketing approach.  We target candidates for your position by running a customised multi-faceted digital marketing campaign comprised of email, Google Adwords, website and job board advertising and social media. This ensures that we reach candidates at all times of the day, via all the potential media that they use. Read more on how we can structure your marketing and advertising campaign.

Additionally, we target candidates using passive recruitment.  Targeting potential candidates who are not actively seeking employment has provided a wealth of high calibre candidates for our clients.

We have team of highly qualified full-time consultants who, through their longevity with Globalforce Resource have built-up unique skill and experience in the recruitment of a variety of different mechanics.

Benefits for you

  • Proven track record evidenced by our high calibre client list
  • Extensive global database of potential contacts
  • Ongoing Integrated Digital Marketing campaigns
  • Fully integrated specialized recruitment software integrated into our website, email and job boards
  • Exposure to candidates not actively on the job market through our passive recruitment campaigns
  • High specialized and experienced team of Resource Consultants
  • Full candidate screening service, no fees charged to candidates
  • Reasonable fees and no additional advertising costs

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