At GlobalForce Resource, we understand that relocating country is a major decision that has considerable impact on the lives of people and their partners and families.

visa infoThat is why we are committed to matching the right job opportunities to your individual needs. We also play a major role in helping you find out if this relocation is suited to your personal circumstances.

In our experience, you need to feel the job is right for you as much as we need to know that you are right for the job. Once you have made the decision, we provide an advisory and support service to ensure that your relocation runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. For those we have successfully placed, relocation has provided a new life opportunity with improved employment conditions and a better quality of life. Working abroad not only develops your professional skills but more importantly is providing you with the opportunity to enhance your life.

Why Relocate?

Improved career prospects

  • Many of our prospective candidates are looking to improve the current conditions of their work and may feel that they are not advancing in their career.  At GlobalForce Resource, we endeavour to find you a real career opportunity where you will gain invaluable experience.

Earn More

  • One of the main reasons cited by our candidates is the improved quality of life they experience, enabled by their increased salary and improved working conditions. Depending on your level of experience and the type of role you are seeking in your relocation country, you can expect to earn from one and a half times to double your current salary. See

Better opportunities for your partner & family

  • If you have a de facto relationship, your partner too may be able to work on the basis of your visa. With your increased salaries, you can experience a higher quality of life.  Many of our placements live in properties in desired neighbourhoods that were previously unattainable in their country of origin.
  • There are also the opportunities for your family to have an excellent education and to see and do things that they would never have experienced before. From snowboarding and ski in Canada to beach and surf in Australia, your new location has a host of activities and experiences on offer.

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