relocate canadaWhy relocate to Canada?

There is a high current demand for skilled trades specialists in Canada and GlobalForce is meeting the demand by sourcing candidates internationally who benefit from an improved quality of life and the opportunity to earn more money.

Key Benefits:

  • Canada has a growing labour market and a high demand for skilled trade specialists.
  • Canada’s working conditions are of a high standard and renumeration is often cited as a reason for relocation, with salaries remaining very competitive comparatively.
  • Work permits obtained can give you opportunities to apply for permanent residence in Canada and become a Canadian citizen in the future. Your spouse may also work whilst you are on a valid work permit.
  • Canada boasts a free healthcare system which cover most medical services including hospital stays.
  • Canada is renowned for its quality of life and diverse culture and has been voted the third best nation in the world to live in
  • Its hot summers and cold winters mean that there are plenty of opportunities to take part in a variety of winter sports and activities as well as enjoying the countryside’s many attractions in the hot weather.
  • Education is provided free of charge by the Government. The quality of education is high and the majority of children graduate high school and go on to receive qualifications and degrees.