Rental properties don’t come cheap in the main Australian cities.  Properties close to the city or in the sought-after suburbs can be extremely costly.  Competition is also very aggressive and so be prepared to bring a deposit and all the necessary paperwork with you.

Australian landlords require more documentation from tenants, and some of the preperation for this should be done before you leave for Australia. You will need photo identification, proof of current employment and salary, a letter to show you have an Australian bank account, two character references, and a letter from a previous landlord.

One recognised difficulty is that the distance between Australia and most European countries means that most people can not visit before they make the move and landlords are not allowed to rent properties to tenants unseen.  Research in advance is a necessity and it is advisable to allow time to find accomodation before starting your job. You can rent temporary furnished accommodation through websites such as and while searching for a more permanent home.

Tenants are usually required to pay a month’s rent in advance, plus a rental bond, which is usually equivalent to an additional month’s rent. Rental properties generally come unfurnished.  Check out Gumtree to help furnish your apartment less expensively.

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