This is also a potential move for you to develop your career. As a spouse or partner the general rule is that you can apply for your own work permit for a specific job and therefore you must meet the same requirements as your partner.

However, as outlined by CIC, there is also available an option for you to apply for an open work permit – allowing you to apply for any job for any employer- if your partner meets the following conditions:

Your partner is:

  • allowed to work in Canada for at least six months,
  • doing work in Canada that meets a minimum skill level (usually work that requires at least a college diploma) and
  • doing a job listed in Skill Level 0, A or B in the National Occupational Classification,


Your partner is:

  • allowed to work in Canada and
  • doing work in Canada that is on a list of eligible occupations in participating provinces.

If you are granted an open work permit, it will generally be for the same amount of time as your partners.

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