The Citizenship and Immigration Canada Website has very comprehensive information on visas.

You will require a work permit to work in Canada .  There are a small number of professions that do not require a work permit. You can consult the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for more information.

You must meet the requirements to:

  • Enter the country,
  • Stay in Canada and
  • Get a work permit.

A work permit does not let you live in Canada permanently and in order to do so you must qualify under an immigration category. Your spouse or common-law partner and your dependent children may apply to come to Canada with you, and, if they wish, apply for a study or work permit.

As and from Jan 2015, there is new system to manage how people with skilled work experience apply to immigrate to Canada. It is called Express Entry.  Express Entry means that certain skilled workers will be able to create an online profile to express their interested in gaining permanent residency in Canada.  To find out more you can refer to the Canadian Immigration site on immigration.